The not-quite-daily Steam Spotlight 24/05


The weekend is here again and as tradition dictates, Steam has more sales again for you all so lets get to it.

As well as running a free to play weekend, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is down 66% to only £6.45. We at VGU have a lot of fun playing this game as the carnage of Medieval warfare happens around you. Take up arms this weekend and then buy the game for less than £10.


Payday: The Heist is an action game based on a gang of criminals commiting crimes hope to get the next “big score”. The fun part of this game is you play the criminals and attempt to rob banks, companies and other places where money is available in huge quantities. For this weekend and until the 30th of May Payday: The Heist is only £3.75 so you can spend a little in the hopes of you and your gang making a lot!


Sleeping Dogs is a free roaming Grand Theft Auto style game where you play as an undercover cop infiltrating the gangs of Hong Kong. With impressive visuals and a brilliant combat system, you can shoot, drive and fight your way to the top of the Triads in the hopes of bringing them down. Right now the game is half price at only £9.99 so why not jump into the mayhem on Hong Kong and take down the Triads!