The not-quite-daily Steam Spotlight 22/05


 It’s the time of the weekend again which Steam love to call midweek madness, let look at what deals you could pick up.

Cities XL Platinum lets you build huge cities and shape the world. Much like Sim city games you have to accomodate your people’s needs and manage a huge economy on a massive scale. The game is down to just £6.80 right now so it’s the perfect time to pick this up.

sins of a solar rebellion

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion is a space age strategy game with nothing but good things said about it from reviews. Scoring 82/100 on metacritic the impressive RTS is a must play for any strategy buff. The game right now is only £8.49 so you can pick it up for less and play more.

unreal deal pack

The Unreal deal pack is as real as it gets. Including 5 Unreal and Unreal Tournament games this pack is a bargain for any gamer. With fast paced shooting ramping up the skill level for any FPS gaming the unreal series is a staple and has been for many years in any gamers collection. The entire pack on Steam is only £5.25 that’s just over £1 per game in this pack so it is certainly worth the dosh.