Metro: Last Light getting 4 DLC Packs + Season Pass

4A Games, the developer for the recently released Metro: Last Light, are to be releasing four DLC packs for the game throughout the summer. These packs will also come bundled in a neat little DLC season pass for PSN, Steam and Xbox Live. For those who want to purchase the season pass, it is available right now on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and Steam for $14.99 / £11.99 / €14.99 or 1200 MSP now.

Here are a few details about the DLC packs for you. The first two packs, titled “The Faction” and “Chronicle” both continue the single player experience as well as expanding the game’s story. “The Tower” will be a pack that is for the veteran Metro players and the developer says it will offer a “unique solo challenge to Metro veterans”. The final pack titled, “Developer Pack,” will provide players with some interesting tools to for exploration in the world of Metro.

Leave a comment and tell us if you’re be picking up a season pass or any of the DLC packs for Metro: Last Light.