Bioshock Infinite Heroclix Coming soon

bioshock-infinite-heroe clix

Wizkids Games are a leading miniatures gaming and collectibles developer and today they’re announcing their Bioshock Infinite range of Heroclix. These little collectibles are great if you’re planning to get into the game of Heroclix or just a lover of Bioshock Infinite, these figures looks amazing and a lot of fans will probably be after them.

Booker DeWitt, the Boys of Silence, and more characters from the BioShock: Infinite universe are available to enhance your existing HeroClix experience, or relive the excitement of the BioShock: Infinite video game and play with these figures in a standalone HeroClix match. These collectables are a must have for any Bioshock Infinite fan.

Will you be getting these heroclix? Have you played Infinite yet? Let us know in the comments below.