Big Head Mode Debuts “Douche Defender,” World’s First Game About Pickup Artists

From games industry legend Scott Foe, Big Head Mode announces the debut of Douche Defender, a fun game that helps women to identify real-world pickup artists, free-to-play for iPhone and iPad in the Apple App Store.

“I’m always trying to bring something new, something that people have never seen before, something from the way-way out-there machine, and we have definitely achieved that uniqueness with Douche Defender,” said Foe. “There is a huge subculture of seduction lurking out there on the internet and this is both the first game that I have designed with female players as the targets and the first game that I have designed with real-world implications outside of the game, and so I am very excited to see how Douche Defender is received.”

Foe, a fifteen-year gaming veteran who previously directed Game-of-the-Year winning Pocket Kingdom, the world’s first massively multiplayer mobile game, and Interactive Achievement Award-nominated Reset Generation, which Pocket Gamer called one of the most-important handheld games of all-time and one of the first social games, is a co-founder and the Chief Creative Officer at Big Head Mode.

“We at Big Head Mode are ecstatic to bring both you and your friends to life in the world of Douche Defender,” said Titpatat Chennavasin, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Big Head Mode. “By leveraging our proprietary Big Head Graph technology, we have made an experience that is already truly unique also deeply personal. When you see your friends come to digitized life as in-game characters, hitting on you in Douche Defender, you are sure to smile.”

We know more than a couple of people who will feel threatened by this game as their predatory way of life comes under attack. For this reason alone, we can not express our grattitude enough to Big Head Mode for this fantastic idea for a game. Kudos.

So what do you think ladies? Useful tool or marketing gimmick? Let us know in the comments below.