Microsoft’s Next Generation Console Is The Xbox One, Specs Revealed Including Not Always Online

21-05-2013 18-07-10

Microsoft have revealed their upcoming next-generation console, known as the Xbox One in their live reveal this evening. The Xbox One is being touted by Microsoft as an entertainment system rather than just a console. Here are some images of the revealed console and the controller:

21-05-2013 18-07-45
21-05-2013 18-08-05
21-05-2013 18-07-53

Microsoft have revealed that this console will have 8 Gb of Ram, a built in kinect sensor and voice controls can be used to control the UI interface. The full specs can be seen below in this image:

XboxSpec Broken Down

Edit: Following the Xbox Reveal, Don Mattrick confirmed to GameTrailers’ Geoff Keighley that the Xbox One will not require a constant internet connection to play games.

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