Next-Gen FIFA to be present at the Xbox Event on May 21st

Good news for football fans; EA’s next football game in the long running franchise, FIFA 14, is to be presented at the Xbox event tomorrow. This will be the first football game on the next generation of consoles.

On the EA Sports FIFA Facebook page, a banner has been uploaded giving brief details telling FIFA fans to watch the Xbox event tomorrow to check out the “Next Generation of FIFA”. EA has also kindly created an events page for fans to join and RSVP if they want to hear about the next generation of FIFA.

The event is scheduled to start at 6pm GMT but what else exactly will be revealed is yet unknown. There are rumours floating around, but then there always are with these high-profile events. Be sure to catch the event tomorrow to get a glimpse of the new Xbox, perhaps they’ll one-up Sony and reveal what it looks like, who knows. Let us know if you’re interesting in the beautiful game or not with a comment down below.