Valve Release The First Community Created Update For Team Fortress 2

Valve have announced the release of the first ever community created update for Team Fortress 2. Entitled ‘Robotic Boogaloo’, this update doesn’t come with anything as boring as new maps or weapons. Instead Valve and the TF2 community got together and decided that what TF2 really needed was more hats. Not just any old hats though, these are robot hats. Check out this hilarious release trailer:

Robotic Boogaloo comes with a total of 57 new items for players to collect and wear, which can currently only be obtained through Robocrates, which will themselves become a rare drop after June 3rd meaning you won’t have to shell out real money to get your hands on these glorious robo-hats.

In a statement on the TF2 website, Valve said this: “This doesn’t mark the end of Valve-produced TF2 updates, by the way. As far as we’re concerned, there’s plenty of room for both to happily co-exist. We’re in uncharted territory here, and it’s exciting to be exploring it with you. Amazing work, everyone!”

Are you excited about this new update or does it make you as mad as a hatter? Let us know in the comments below.