Nintendo Direct Game Updates

resident evil 2

In today’s Nintendo Direct, Nintedo showed us Inferno Mode for Resident Evil Revelations. This mode increases the number of enemies and increases the difficulty level of the game, giving you many more enemies to deal with compared to the original game. We also saw how the WiiU pad will be implemented as a map and inventory system for Resident Evil, to make them easier to reference. 

Resident evil

This system shows how the WiiU pad can be implemented to more hardcore games like the Resident evil series.

resident evil 3

Be prepared to see this screen alot in inferno mode as the game ups it’s difficulty level.


The most exciting news about New Super Luigi U is that the game is getting it’s own hard copy edition for those who don’t have good internet access or don’t have Super Mario Bros U. The limited edition copy will be available in June for Wii U in it’s very nice green game case. This is how nintendo really celebrate the year of Luigi!

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