Last Of Us Screen Shots Are Beautiful And Brutal All At Once


Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us doesn’t seem to want to pull any punches. These new screens juxtapose the beauty of nature reclaiming the lost cities of man to the brutal nature of who is left. If the game ends up being as wonderous as these images than this will be one hell of an experience.

1368783344-church-light-rays 1368783344-ellie-looking-concerned

1368783345-ellie-looking-left 1368783345-ellie-looks-at-reading-material

1368783348-crafting-health-kit 1368783348-joel-attacks-clicker

1368783348-joel-chokehold-on-hunter 1368783349-bills-town-sunset

1368783598-listening-mode-clicker 1368783601-joel-stomps-hunter

1368783601-joel-throws-brick 1368783601-joel-with-human-shield

1368783601-listening-mode-three-enemies 1368783603-joel-in-combat-with-hunter

1368783603-joel-punches-hunter 1368785154-bills-bar-concept-art

1368785155-laundromat-concept-art 1368785156-bills-town-trap-concept-art

What do you think? Are you looking forward to exploring this beautifully apocalyptic world? Tell us in the comments.