Four New GTA V Screens Shows Off Various Vehicles


Rockstar is slowly ramping up the media machine to reach critical mass before the release of Grand Theft Auto V September 17th later this year. With the amount of buzz already flocking around the game as previews and a slow trickle of new information roll out, there is little doubt over whether Rockstar can deliver on what could be this generations last huge release that isn’t Call of Duty related.

Here are four new screens showing Michael, Trevor and Franklin in, around and on various vehicles that players will be able to find and steal in Los Santos. The most interesting of which being the submarine, which will allow underwater exploration and possibly fend of confirmed shark assualts while investigating underwater wreckages.


1368736780-3 1368736781-4

1368736782-2 1368736783-1

What do you think? Will you be taking a dip or stick to the roads? Tell us in the comments.