The Semi-Often Greenman Gaming Spotlight 15/05

joel edition

 So let’s not beat around the bush here, lets get right into the deals and money saving!

Something a little different this time, we’re starting with a PS3 game. The Last of Us: Joel Edition is available to pre-purchase on Greenman Gaming with an 18% discount. This is one of the most talked about games this year and is definitely one you’ll want to pick up. For only £44.99 you can have the Joel Edition which gives you a whole heap of bonus content both ingame and in real life. This package at this price is not one to miss so snap it up while it’s cheap.


We have 4 deals in 4 different formats now for Grid 2. This racer is going to be epic so it’s certainly worth pre-ordering, with different discounts depending on the format you purchase it on it is certainly worth picking up no matter what your format of choice is. Also use this code GMG25-5GT67-87HJ9 to get an extra 25% off the shown price (valid until May 17).


Dark is the next game in our set of pre-purchase games for a low price. Pre-ordering Dark will get you 15% off making it only £25.49 which is a very fair price for a new game. A stealth-action game with RPG elements is just what the industry ordered so pick up your pre-purchase for Steam today and get ready for a stealthy approach. 


Also don’t forget to check out the last Greenman Gaming Spotlight for discount codes for 20% off currently released games and 25% off many pre-orders, these codes are only valid for a little while longer so use them while you can!