Nintendo Officially Reveal Eevee 3DS XL

If you’re a Pokemon Lover in Japan who still (somehow) doesn’t have a 3DS, then maybe this new one will tickle your fancy? Revealed today, a new 3DS XL will feature the colours and image of the cute and lovable Pokemon, Eevee.

This 3DS XL, much like the Charizard 3DS XL, is announced only for Japan, but it may very well reach our shores like the Pikachu 3DS XL did late last year.

Japanese residents will be able to get this 3DS XL via a lottery, with applications beginning today until June 3rd. If successful, it will cost 18,900¥ and purchasable from June 22nd. Like all 3DS systems, it’s region locked.

Even if we can’t get one yet, leave a comment and tell us if you like the look of the new Eevee 3DS XL.