Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Fan Movie Kickstart Meets Goal

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Just over a month ago we brought you news about a Power Rangers Fan Movie which was in early development and was getting a lot of good feedback from fans. This month the team behind the upcoming film have managed to smash their kickstarter goal and seem to generating more interest than the official 20th anniversary episode due later this year.

As well as smashing their kickstarter goal, MMPRfilm also released a mini-episode as a sort of pre-lude to the movie, check out the mini episode below. 

The mini episode probably has many hardcore ranger fans squeeing as they point out things that have been referenced from other power rangers series. A lot of heart has obviously gone into making this project a success, many would say that this team of film makers care more for the power rangers franchise then Saban or Disney ever did, and they may be right. Either way this project becomes more exciting every day, even veterany power rangers actors are looking to get in on this project, this could be the anniversay episode that power rangers deserves!