Jane Wilde Announced For iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch

Gun totin’, vampire shootin’ fun is coming to mobile handsets and tablets soon, as LevelBit today announced the upcoming launch of Jane Wilde for iOS and Android.

In this side-scrolling rootin’ tootin’ shooter, Jane Wilde takes the weight and welfare of the civilized world upon her enormous chest to exterminate vampires and undead creatures that have infested the ghost towns peppering the West and Deep South. Jane Wilde is available on the iTunes App Store on May 23rd and on Google Play for Android on May 30th.

“At LevelBit the whole team are huge fans of the cartoon horror genre, and we wanted to make an over-the-top, blood spattered, horror-ific shooter that is still light and cartoony and overall lots of fun”, said Milos Zivanovic Managing Director from LevelBit. “Jane Wilde hits that sweet spot, with tons of vampires and undead monsters to blow apart at will”.

A free-to-play, cartoon horror, side-scrolling shooter, Jane Wilde features hours of undead-killing fun with over 30 levels, an arsenal of upgradeable weapons, special power-ups and of course Jane Wilde, the curviest Gun-for-Hire in the West! With an array of guns and artillery at her disposal, this buxom saviour of the undead-free world must shoot, blast and bomb her way through hoards of monsters to rid the West of undead vermin.

Join Jane on her journey from the ghost towns of the Wild West to the swamps of the Deep South, earning gold and special power-ups along the way. Once she completes a level Jane can use her gold to buy weapon upgrades and ammo – and she’ll need every bit to defeat the bigger, tougher boss monsters at the end of each chapter. Jane Wilde will be available for free-to-play download on May 23, 2013.

Here are some of the games features:
• Five unique Wild West settings
• Over 30 levels of single player Story mode
• Five different stages in Survival mode
• Unlockable and upgradable weapons
• Special powers
• Dozens of monster types
• Boss fights
• Costumes
• Achievements
• Global leaderboard

So what do you think about Jane Wilde? Are you ready to get your guns locked and loaded? Let us know what you think in the comments below.