Among the Sleep reaches its Kickstarter Goal

Among the sleep has received a lot of praise and focus recently as it is a horror game which until now has been no other. Among the Sleep places you in the mind and body of a 2 year old child.

You must make your way around a seemly empty house where you live, at night, in the darkness and you are not alone it seems. This game does not have guns or any kind of weapons all you have is your small size and the ability to hide.

Have a look for yourself

The team at Krillbite have asked for $200,000 which has just recently been successfully funded, with 3 days still left to go there is still a chance for you to pledge, head over to the Among the Sleep Kickstarter Page and check it out. For those, like myself who like a good old horror game this is one you should definitely look into as it looks like it is going to be a scary emotional journey.

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