The not-quite-daily Steam Spotlight 13/05

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 It’s Monday again already, and you’ve spend your whole weekend playing a game from the last spotlight. But not to worry, here are a few more games at a good price to help you through the week!

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a sci-fi strategy game based on the old XCOM games. Receiving mostly praise from critics as being faithful to the original while advancing the game in the right direction, this game is great for old XCON fans and new alike. Right now the game has 66% off making it only £10.19, this is a great game at a very fair price, so it’s certainly worth picking up.

system shock 2

System Shock 2 has taken it’s time coming to Steam, but it is finally here. It’s been called the prelude to Bioshock and has a meta critic score of 92/100. This is an almost perfect game and right now it’s at a perfect price of £4.89. This game is worth picking up, even if you have a copy already, Steam makes it easier to access and the download for a game like this won’t take long at all. Very recommended.

bit trip

Now for a more lighthearted game. The Bit.Trip Collection is now on sale on Steam for only £8.89. The Bit.Trip games are fun rhythm games with extremely catchy 8-bit music which you improve by collecting items and smashing obstacles on a straight course. The collection also comes with the soundtracks for some of the games so it’s definitely worth picking up.