Get A Dye Job In SWTOR 2.1 Update

Bioware don’t always make equipment in their games very stylish. Sure they serve their purpose, but some of the equipment just makes the characters look like flamboyant jack-asses. It could be Commander Shepard strutting around the universe in purple cod-piece battledress, or the weird feathered headdresses that Grey Wardens seem to love, but sometimes bad style can undermine a powerful moment.

Well Bioware has got that covered with the latest update to Star Wars: The Old Republic. Introducing dye modules, the update will allow players to change the color of their favourite robe or plate armour set. Now traipsing from one end of the galaxy to the other can be like a fashion show. It is unknown right now how, or even if, this system will differ between free-to-play and subscribed players. Expect to see some of the best looking and most eye-offending Sith once the update drops May 14th.

Here is the short trailer showing off the new feature:

What do you think? Want to be a fancy-man or eye-sore? Tell us below in the comments.