New Pokemon Revealed for Pokemon X and Y via CoroCoro [UPDATE]

pokemon x y scan-2

Wow that’s a lot of information! For starters the Pokémon on the far right is called Gogoat, it is the Riding Pokémon, it’s Grass-type, 1.7m and 91.0kg. From the looks of things you can actually ride this Pokémon in the field! It also can learn Horn Leech, according to the scan. The bird creature is called Yayakoma and it is a Japanese Robin Pokémon. Like most regional bird Pokemon it is Normal/Flying, and size wise is 0.3m and 1.7kg. The panda looking creature is called Yanchamu  and is the Naughty Pokémon. According to the scan it is Fighting-type, 0.6m and 8.0kg and it has a brand new move called Parting Remark. Finally, the lizard type Pokemon could be an Electric type or a Normal type based on its design, its name along with its other facts are unviewable due to overexposure, but, it also has a new move called BaraboraCharge!

In this one we see the two new player characters, according to this scan you can customise your trainers hair colour and skin shade a bit. It also reveals that the games are based in the Karos Region which appears to be based on France with the main city being called Miare City!

Right now, these look to be an official scans from the CoroCoro magazine but, as with all Pokemon News, keep watching this space until we can confirm if it is 100% genuine!

[UPDATE] Looks like the scans are real! 

What do you think of these new Pokemon? Do you think riding a Pokemon in X and Y will be cool or lame? Discuss this further in our forums and/or leave a comment below!