The not-quite-daily Steam Spotlight 10/05


 I can’t believe it’s Friday already, but since it is let’s dive into some more Steam sales as this weekend looks like a wet one!

As well as having a free to play weekend, the newest game in the Call of Duty Franchise Black Ops 2 is on sale this weekend down by 33%. Black Ops 2 is currently £26.79 so it still isn’t massively cheap for a Steam sale. Luckily the free weekend can help you decide if you want to put your money in to this game before parting with your money, so download the game, have a go and see if BlOps 2 is the game for you.


Trials Evolution: Gold Edition is a ridiculously over the top and fun dirt bike game. Gold Edition marks the return to the PC format for the game and it returns in a glorious and fun way. The game is down to only £11.99 but you will definitely have more than £12 worth of fun with this game, certainly worth picking up.

fallen enchantress

If you only have £10 or less to spend then this last game is one for you. Fallen Enchantress is a Strategy RPG game based in a fantasy world where war is coming. With some pretty nice visuals for a birds-eye-view game and with a price tag of only £6.79, this game is certainly worth the money to help get through a rainy weekend.