OnNet Europe Announces Real Soccer Online

OnNet Europe announces Real Soccer Online for PC. Launching soon in beta, Real Soccer Online features full character customization, strategic management capabilities and full interactivity with other online players throughout Europe.

“As the football season comes to an end, we are excited for the opportunity to provide a realistic online experience that soccer fans will enjoy during the off-season”, said Kyeong Youn, Production Director from OnNet Europe. “Real Soccer Online will not only allow players to build and improve their own characters but also to join regular competitions and leagues online, as well as compete and interact with other players in Europe to form clubs and leagues of their own”.

Here is some information on this new football sensation:
Providing football fans with a realistic game experience, Real Soccer Online tasks players to defeat sophisticated AI and other online players through careful strategy and sheer force. Featuring full customization options, gamers can create a unique look for their character and then choose a position, (including goalie), to then steadily improve the character’s skills and earn new customizations through practice. Once they have built the perfect player, gamers can challenge Real Soccer Online’s strong AI opponents or join online leagues to compete and interact with other players throughout Europe. Real Soccer Online players can also create clubs and leagues of their own to battle it out in front of a vocal, energetic stadium crowd.

What do you think of Real Soccer Online? Will you be trying it out? Let us know what you think down in the comments and be sure to check out more on the game through the website and facebook page.