New Pokemon X and Y Rumours and Scans

absol evo

First off we have a Pokemon that is an evolution for Absol, this Dark type Pokemon was included in Generation 3 and has always been a fan favourite so and evolution at this point could be plusable!


Next up we can just make out to smaller versions of what seem to be Heracross and Pinsir! These pre-evolutions look quite cute and will join the ever growing amount of baby Pokemon (If they turn out to be real!). 

herc and pinsar pre evos

Now for something a bit…off. According to this scan, Jynx is going to be getting and evolved form in Pokemon X and Y. I don’t know about you but it does suite the design but just looks a little weird to me…

jyniz evo

A small scan but it clearly shows that Sableye could be also getting an evolved form. This ties in with some other rumours that have been around for some while now, maybe this one is true!

sableye evo

The last, and perhaps most largest reveal, is a scan showing what could be either the second stage or final stage evolutions of the new starter Pokemon! The designes scream final stage and, being honest, I am not the biggest fan of them. Chespin‘s is difficult to make out and Fennekin and Froakie‘s are just a bit dull, hopefully with some higher quality scans they may turn out to look a bit better, assuming these are not fake!

starter evos

What do you think of these scans? Could they be real? Do you like the designs? Discuss this further in our forums and/or leave a comment below letting us know what you think!