MechWarrior Online Brings Misery to the Battlefield

Today pilots across the Inner Sphere can add “Misery” to their list of weapons in their arsenals as Piranha Games and Infinite Game Publishing announce the long-awaited 85-ton Stalker Mech, Misery, now available in the Mech Lab for MechWarrior Online. Sporting top speeds of 48.6 kph and armed with four medium lasers, a Gauss rifle, a large laser and an SRM-6, this is what Misery truly looks like. Additionally this gigantic update brings pilots the chance to nab the new Jenner Champion Trial Mech as well as the hugely anticipated option to customize the color of all Hero Mechs – get all of the goods in the Mech Lab and start customizing now.

Also available in this latest update is the unique totally badass Buccaneer Premium Pattern. This pattern’s art direction was described by its artist as,

“Some crazy, bearded, malnourished man with missing teeth going to work with a paint roller in the ‘Mech hanger while indulging in questionable substances. This mech painting bender happened after the force he was attached to made off with thirty tons of potatoes, women’s shoes, and stereo equipment from the last backwater planet they raided.”

And for those more communication-inclined, the Buccaneer Premium Pattern presents enemies with a taunting message that changes with each Mech type. It’s like wearing your heart middle finger on your sleeve, and shows enemies that you mean business to totally wipe them off the map forever.

Proving again that enough is never enough, Piranha Games has also released an additional four new trial Mechs and three new cockpit items to start May off on the right foot: Trial Mechs include the Jenner JR7-F, the Hunchback HBK-4G, the JagerMech JM6-S and the Highlander HGN-732 – all of which can be taken out for a spin now in MechWarrior Online by fans eager to test out new options. To add to the personalization of the cockpit, statues for the Dragon, Awesome and Cicada are also now up for grabs.

What are your thoughts on these new additions to MechWarrior Online? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below.