Doritos Crash Course 2 Is Free On Xbox LIVE Arcade

One of the most popular titles on the Xbox Live Arcade, Doritos Crash Course now has a sequel which has kept the fan-winning formula of costing £0 (for anyone not from the UK, that converts to $0 in the USA or €0 if you’re in Europe).

For those of you that don’t know, the Doritos Crash Course games are basically Wipeout in video game form.The new game features four new worlds, in which players must guide their Avatar by running, jumping and sliding to the finishing line. On the way you’ll need to overcome a series of obstacles, traps and pitfalls.

Players can also compete for medals and earn stars which can be used to unlock new courses and power-ups. You can even compete against the best times of up to three friends, giving you an extra incentive to beat your previous best.

You can grab Doritos Crash Course 2 on the Xbox Live Marketplace now, or head over to the xbox live website to set it to download.

Excited for Doritos Crash Course? Want to be the best, or just want to see your friends avatars get hit in the face a lot? Let us know in the comments below.