The not-quite-daily Steam Spotlight 07/05 [Update]

serious sam

 Another midweek madness from Steam to make those long summer days more fun, lets just right in to it!

The Serious Sam Complete pack is on offer right now for only £13.99 and you get a whole heap of games in it! These gory action shooters are perfect to help let off some steam, so why not pick them up?

the-showdown-effect H-L-943x521

The Showdown Effect is 2.5D multiplayer action game inspired by 80s and 90s action movies, where could this possibly go wrong?! Champions from all over time fight for glory, fun and for awesome. The game is rediculous for all the right reasons, and now one of those reasons is the price as you can pick up the game now for only £3.99. Not a big price to pay to be in the movies!


Special Forces: Team X is a beautiful cell-shaded third person shooter with a unique multi-player map selection mode. The game is so cheap right now that if you’re reading this you should already have it in your Steam basket, for £3.99 none of you have any excuse not to buy it, so do it now!



The Need for Speed Franchise is currently at 75% off on Steam, so grab it while you can! Hot Pursuit is down to just £4.99 which is an amazing price!