#1960, Bethesda’s Newest Game [UPDATE]

1960 1

Recently on Twitter, Bethesda posted this image showcasing three different scenes in what seems to be an industrial themed world. The first scene looks like some kind of robot or mechanised contraption, the second is a series of wheels holding, what seems to be, bullets and the last is a series of shadows casted onto a metallic backdrop. Take a look for yourself:

Although Bethesda are behind the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series, the company said that they will not be the developers behind this mysterious project. Could this be a new developer or a new partnership with Bethesda?

Following the initial image release on twitter, GameSpot released a full sized version of one of the shots with the hastag ‘#1960’ on the bottom.

1960 2

Bethesda has recently gone with this new style of teasing their newest titles. We have seen this happen with The Evil Within that was recently annouced, but the arrival of this game is just as confusing as the other. Everyone is speculating and even some are trying to tie this in with the Fallout universe as it is looking like an industrial, post apocalyptic world.

Bethesda are not answering any questions about these images at this time so we will have to wait and see what this mysterious ‘#1960’ project is all about.

[UPDATE] Bethesda have just revealed what they were teasing!

What do you think about Bethesda’s newest tease? Do you think it could be tied to the Fallout Universe? Let us know what you think in the comments below and voicing what you think the game could be all about in the VGU forums.