Sink Your Devices with Leviathan: Warships’ Tablet Release

Paradox Interactive today announced that Leviathan: Warships, a strategic turn-based cross-platform game developed by Pieces Interactive, is available for the Apple iPad and for Android tablets via the Apple App Store and the Google Play store, respectively. Each version can be purchased for $4.99, and both versions support cross-platform play with each other, as well as with the PC and Mac versions. In a bold new step for cloud-based navies, games can be started from any computer or device, saved to the cloud, and resumed from any other device that has a copy of Leviathan: Warships.

In response to popular demand, Paradox also announced that the jazz music and smooth-talking, smooth-sailing personality from the Leviathan: Warships trailers will appear inside the game in a free DLC pack. All platforms will receive Jazz Boatman and his relaxing tunes in an upcoming update, allowing players to embrace their inner boat boss and cruise the waves in style. Watch the Jazz Boatman-trailers here:

Despite the fact that warships cannot typically fit in a stream, Paradox will host a live stream of Leviathan: Warships on May 13th at 8 p.m. CEST (6 p.m. GMT, 7 p.m. BST, 11 a.m. PDT).

So what are your impressions on Leviathan: Warships? Will you be playing it on PC or Tablet? Let us know what you think in the comments and be sure to check on the official livestream of the game come May 13th.