Uncovering Crowdfunding – Ghost of a Tale


“My name is Lionel Gallat but I usually go by Seith when I’m online. I’ve been working as a supervising animator in the movie industry for more than 15 years, first at Dreamworks on many movies and more recently as the animation director for Universal Studio’s “Despicable Me” and “The Lorax”! “Ghost of a Tale” is a work of love and a one-man project… It’s a bit scary of course, but I do believe in this project, and it’s now time for me to find out if I’m the only one. Which is also pretty scary in itself…”

Ghost of a Tale is a 3rd person action/adventure game inspired by the early Zelda games, Ico, Dark Souls and the Gothic series and dear lord is it looking amazing. The developer is aiming to create a small game that is beautiful to play through with environments that are more like movie sets while retaining a sense of simplicity with its gameplay. You play as a mouse on the Island of Periclave and as the pitch page puts it, “Now what is the mouse looking for? What happened on the island? Why are there undead rats roaming around? That will be up to you to discover…”

Not only does this game look nothing short of amazing, the music featured is heartwarming and beautiful in its own right and the gameplay, even in the alpha, looks great. This is definitely an Indiegogo project you really should back, not only would you be helping to make this game a reality, you also have the chance to get some great rewards for helping the project meet its goal. Make sure you check it out now!

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