World Premiere Live Performances of Tomb Raider & Dead Space 3 Soundtracks

SCORE Concert Productions, the Malmo Symphony Orchestra and Bandai Namco Partners Sweden today announced that BAFTA award-winning American composer Jason Graves will guest conduct during this year’s JOYSTICK 5.0 concerts in Malmö, Sweden on May 31st and June 1st. Jasons set will include tracks from Tomb Raider & Dead Space 2 & 3.

Concerts featuring video game soundtracks have been met with high praise from gamers and critics alike in the past, including the Final Fantasy concert series ‘Distant Worlds’ and the upcoming Zelda concert series ‘Symphony of the Goddesses’. The first JOYSTICK in 2006 holds the world record for a video game concert with an audience of 17,000. We are looking forward to hearing what Jason Graves can do with this, especially on the Tomb Raider side of things as that game has a fantastic soundtrack.

JOYSTICK 5.0 will be performed at the Malmö Concert Hall. Tickets are available at For more information you can also visit

Will you be going to any of the JOYSTICK 5.0 concerts? Have you been to any concerts featuring video game music? Let us know in the comments below.