Asda drops Wii U price to just £149/£199

Two Asda stories back to back, anyone would think we were being paid off. 

Asda have lowered its Wii U prices  to just £149 for a Basic model, or £199 for a Premium. It’s the lowest-ever pricing for Nintendo’s home console, sales of which have slumped since Christmas (just 390,000 consoles have been sold this year). Just six months ago the Wii U launched at £249/£299, so these price cuts represent a massive £100 drop in price after less than a year in the shops.

It remains to be seen if others follow suit again with the latest price cut, or if this is even a permanent price drop.

Nintendo have not had a great year financially, however they are hoping that the release of their heavy hitters (Pikmin 3, Zelda: Wind Waker, Mario and Mario Kart) this year on the Wii U will help them turn things around. Nintendo have missed all their previous estimates on Wii U sales, but are still confident they can shift 9 million units by the end of March 2014.

Will this latest price drop convince you to pick up a Wii U? Or is this another sign of the consoles failure to perform? Let us know in the comments below.