Meet Michael, Franklin And Trevor In Three New GTA V Trailers


Rockstar Games enjoy pushing expectations when it comes to their stories. This generation seems to have gone with the themes of constant disappointment and how things never go how we hope. From the emptiness of the American dream in GTA IV, to taking the romance out of the old west in Red Dead Redemption how will they be leaving gamers feeling depressed and disillusioned next?  Maybe they will buck the trend in Grand Theft Auto V which looks to return to the chaos and outlandishness of the PS2 era games. 

Focusing on three protagonists, Rockstar are telling a story about three men at different stages in their lives doing what they need to do to get by. It is Rockstar, so expectations will be met and exceeded. 

Grand Theft Auto V is out worldwide September 17th this year.

What do you think of the three new protagonists? Which is your favourite so far? Tell us below in the comments.