Blackbird Interactive Announces Limited Edition Presale Package for Hardware: Shipbreakers

Blackbird Interactive, a videogame developer specializing in sci-fi real-time strategy games, today announced the pre-sale of a “VIP Package” for their upcoming title, Hardware: Shipbreakers. This VIP Package features guaranteed access to the upcoming Hardware: Shipbreakers Closed Beta, along with an in-fiction Prospector’s Guide and gameplay guide.

The Hardware: Shipbreakers First Wave VIP Package also includes:
• Unreleased high-res game concept art from Aaron Kambeitz, Rob Cunningham and Cody Kenworthy!
• The Hardware: Shipbreakers Official Soundtrack by Paul Ruskay (when available).
• First Wave VIP chat: Moderated web-chat with an “ask me anything” perspective with core team members where non-public information will be discussed.
• Special Feedback Forum: Your ideas count
• Stake Your Claim: Land naming rights to the first 2,000 First Wave VIP Packages purchased.
Prospector’s Guide Highlights:
• Getting Acquainted: The History of Long March Industries, LMI and You, What It Takes To Succeed, Your First 72 Hours, Known Shipwreck Manifests and Coordinates.
• Equipment Catalog: Military Ground Support, Aerial Support and Attack Strategies.
• Operator’s Manual: Baserunner Model, Packages, Options & Accessories, Capabilities and Best Uses.

The in-fiction manual for Hardware: Shipbreakers will provide an exclusive introduction to the game’s planet, LM-27. It will familiarize players with back story on the characters, map interest points, unit specifications, and secret contract locations hidden amongst the dunes. Fans who purchase the companion, will also be granted access to non-fiction elements, such as the Gameplay Guide and Hardware concept art from Art Director Aaron Kambeitz and CEO Rob Cunningham.

We are pleased to announce this pre-sale campaign to open the doors to all the fans who are interested in supporting our efforts and want to enter a new era of RTS gameplay and deep fiction” said Dan Irish, Executive Producer of Blackbird Interactive, Inc. “As we move forward with this project, we feel that players will receive a huge value from participating in the Pre-sale – particularly the ongoing release of HARDWARE: Shipbreakers content via the Prospector’s Handbook.”

“The team at BBI are a team of true entertainment craftsmen who have inspired our entire industry with their works” added Brian Martel, Executive Vice President of Gearbox Software. “With the Pre-sale campaign now public gamers and developers alike should jump at the chance to support the creators at BBI. Hardware: Shipbreakerslooks amazing.”

So what are your thoughts on Hardware: Shipbreakers? Will you be getting aboard? Let us know what you think in the comments below and be sure to look at more of what the game has to offer on the official site.