Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Operation Payback

 If you’ve woken up to CS:GO getting an update you may be wondering what it is, well we’re here to tell you. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has a new update called Operation Payback, the idea of the update is to pay back map creators from the CS:GO community for their hard work.

On the CS:GO website Valve said this about the update:

“Operation Payback” marks the first of an ongoing series of limited-time updates aimed at giving a well-earned financial reward to some of CS:GO’s most popular and prolific mapmakers. For a limited time, you can buy a pass half-priced for $2.99. That’ll get you unlimited access to a Classic Casual map group featuring seven of the highest-voted Workshop Maps. Invite your friends (even if they don’t have a pass) and enjoy uninterrupted low-ping play on official servers—all while rewarding CS:GO’s top-voted virtual mapmakers with real money. Buying a pass also gets you a one-of-a-kind challenge coin, upgradable by playing and viewable wherever your avatar is shown. “Operation Payback” will be live from now until July 31st, and it’s currently half-priced, so get in there!

What do you think of the update? Is it a step forward or too much like Call of Duty’s DLC? Let us know in the comments below.