The not-quite-daily Steam Spotlight 24/04


 Midweek madness has snuck up on us yet again, so lets delve into the deals Steam are giving us this week.


Ever wanted to drive a truck across Europe? Yes you have, shut up. Well now you can! Euro Truck Simulator 2 is half price right now on Steam for only £12.49! Jump in your truck and drive across Europe! That’s pretty much it…

dragon age

Ever wanted to fight dragons, trolls and all other kinds of monsters? Yeah you have! Well now you can in Dragon Age: Origins – Ultimate Edition. An rpg game with a metacritic score of 91/100 you’d be silly not to grab this game while it’s 75% off and only £4.99, pick up your sword, bow, axe or staff and jump into the fray!

gd deponia

Ever wanted to grab an indie title for cheap? Yeah you have! Deponia is an indie adventure game brought to you by Daedalic Entertainment, a funny and crazy adventure game at 66% off you’d be crazy not to buy it. At £5.44 pick up this great little game while you can!