Crazy Fairies Releases Their New Crazy Achievements and More


In their new achievement system, players can earn their favourite titles and a wad of wonderful gold. There are over 400 achievements and titles to choose from ranging from “PvP Noob” all the way to “Kind of a Big Deal”.

Secondly, along with the achievements, a new set of masks is becoming available in the shape of the Three Little Pigs. The masks will go alongside the many other unlock able aesthetic touches that you can unlock in the game.

Lastly, VIP cards have become available for players to purchase. These cards allow you to take on the formidable Two Horned Meany as many times as you wish as well as giving you a 20% discount on repairing equipment and buying new items.

All this is now available in the game so what are you waiting for, are you going to get crazy? Let us know what you think about the new additions to Crazy Fairies in the comments below.