Wii U Virtual Console coming Tuesday says Nintendo of America

Nintendo of America has announced via their Wii U Facebook page that the Wii U Virtual Console will be making its debut on Tuesday 23rd. Back at the Nintendo Direct, it was said that the Wii U System Update, that will see faster loading times and improved performance, will be coming this week also. It was also stated that the Virtual Console for the Wii U would be launching the day after the system update went live. Could this mean that the Wii U System Update wil be available from Monday 22nd?

We are yet unsure if Europe will be receiving the same line-up of titles but the list of games that are to be available for Wii U Virtual Console are below.


•Balloon Fight
•Donkey Kong Jr
•Kirby’s Adventure
•Ice Climber
•Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA)
•Mario Bros.
•Mega Man 1
•Wrecking Crew
•Yoshi’s Cookie


•Kirby’s Dream Course
•Kirby’s Dream Land 3
•Kirby Super Star
•Super Metroid
•Super Mario World

Let us know with a comment below if you will be picking up any of the classic virtual console games upon its release.