Mr Sark Leaves Machinima Respawn [UPDATED]

 ‘Mr Sark’ the main host of Machinima TeamRespawn has announced today he will be leaving the channel after 3 years of being a part of Machinima. In a facebook announcement on his fan page he said:

“Bittersweet! I’m leaving Machinima after over 3 years. We go into some of the details in tomorrow’s Weekly Update. Like most big changes this is equal parts intense & thrilling. This is obviously not the last you’ll see of me but I would be remiss if I didn’t say THANKS FOR ALL THE MEMORIES!!”

We’ll find out more in the Machinima TeamRespawn weekly update tomorrow but needless to say the fan base are not impressed with this news, many already saying they will unsubscribe.

[UPDATED] Producer for TeamRespawn “Mondo” was quick to tell youtube commenters in a Youtube comment that the shows will not be effected saying:

“I’ll just say before everyone jumps the gun, this won’t effect some of your favorite shows (i.e. Inbox, Radio) and his presence in them. Obviously, the details of this will be elaborated on in tomorrow’s vid”.

Below you can see the explanation from Machinima TeamRespawn of why Mr.Sark is leaving Machinima and what the future holds for the channel and himself:

What do you think of this news? Are you a fan of Mr Sark? Leave a comment with what you think about all of this!