The not-quite-daily Steam Spotlight 19/04

Worms Revolution Logo

 Another day, another stack of deals from Steam, lets dive in and see what’s what.

Not only is Worms Revolution down 50% to £5.99 but this weekend you can play the game for free! This game is just like the classic worms game but with improved viduals so it’s certainly worth picking up! War is here, are you ready to fight you worm!

portal 2

Portal 2, as quoted by TV critic Charlie Brooker is “One of the best video games ever” and I’d have to agree with him. Right now it’s 75% off in the Steam store meaning it only costs £3.74! This game is a spectacular specimen of game design and you have no excuse not to pick it up!


Spore is a great little god game. You create your cell and eventually evolve it into crazy and wonderful creatures. At 75% off the game only costs £7.49. Pay less than £10 to become god? Sounds good to me!