TeamPixel Unable To Secure Homeworld IP, Refunds Pending

TeamPixel, the indie team who wanted to buy the rights to the Homeworld IP, have failed to secure the ability to continue the series their way. Having raised $58,644 through kickstarter, $13,675 though Indiegogo and an unknown amount through PayPal, they stood a chance to buy the rights from THQ. Sadly it seems cicumstances have changed, with the team saying they could not “raise the necessary funds to remain competitive against the other parties at the auction“. 

The team are known offering refunds which can be tracked through their site here.

We will most likely be hearing soon who is now the proud owner of the Homeworld license, along with their possible plans on how to bring the series into the modern generation of gaming. Maybe it will be on-par with TeamPixel’s plans to create both Homeworld 3 as well as a Homeworld game for touch devices.

What do you think? What direction do you want the series to take? What team would you want to see make it? Tell us below in the comments.