Oculus Rift Combined With the Virtuix Omni Creates a True Virtual Reality Experience

“The Omni is a natural motion interface for virtual reality applications. Its core is an omni treadmill that allows a user to walk naturally in 360 degrees. The Omni comes with integrated tracking hardware and software that translates the user’s motion to the movement of his or her avatar in the game. The Omni is the first omni treadmill that is focused on the household consumer and achieves three objectives: being affordable to household consumers, fitting in a living room, and above all, enabling the user to walk freely and naturally, as he or she would in real life”.

This looks like an amazing way to play a video game! It works really well with combined with the Oculus Rift in Team Fortress 2 and doesn’t look to be like a pain to use in game. Could this be the future of gaming?

The Omni is preparing for a kickstarter campaign soon, if you are interested make sure you LIKE their Facebook page and check out their website for anymore infomation you may need!

What do you think of the Omni? What do you think of the Oculus Rift? How about them combined? Let us know in the comments below!