Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection Spotted

Kojima is up to his old tricks once again. However, this time he has the help of the Korean Rating Board. Revealed on the rating board is the existence of a brand new collection of games.

It seems that Metal Gear Solid fans will be receiving a mouth-watering collection with Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection. Information to support this leak from Korea are two images that show what seems to be two different game covers. Both feature Metal Gear Solid spread across the front, but also have 5 versions of “Snake” on there too. These 5 Snakes are from the 5 metal gear titles that are to be included in this Legacy Collection; Solid Snake x2 (MGS1, MGS2), Naked Snake x2 (MGS3, MGS: PW) and Old Snake (MGS4).

You can see the two images of the covers below, the latter of which was posted by Kojima on twitter.

thumb mgslc1 thumb mgslc2

There is still no information about when it might be released but all we know so far is that the PS3 popped up on the Korean rating board. What do you think about 5 Metal Gear Solid games all in one collection? Let us know if you want your hands on this little beauty.