Bethesda say they will reveal a mystery on the 19th


Bethesda have tweeted an unusual little thing that seems to be stirring up some interest from their followers. They mentioned that they will be revealing a mystery on the 19th via IGN.

Along with this, they have posted up a looping GIF, along with some sound, of a large window and a lightbulb on the wall. From the looks of it, it seems like a warehouse from the look of the walls and window. The spooky thing about this is a shadowy figure that seems to skip around the short video, no ideas as to who or what it might be. We should find out on the 19th what this all means at IGN. You can check it out here.

Tell us what you think this reveal might be. IS it Fallout 4 which has been hinted for a couple of days now, or is it something new?