The Semi-Often Greenman Gaming Spotlight 16/04 Zombie Week


 Greenman gaming is hosting a zombie week, check out the deals below that will probably melt your braiiiiiiins.

Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition is leading the charge of zombies this week at only £4.99. Pick up you gun, or bat, or any other weapon to defend yourself with as you try and survive the not-so-paradise island kill fest.


Dead Rising 2 taught us a couple of things about zombie games. Strapping chainsaws to poles is awesome and effective, anything can be a weapon, zombie killing is fun! With customizable weapons this game is a very fun spin on the zombie game and for only £6.99 it’s well worth a pick up.

killing floor logo

Another game for under £5, Killing Floor is down to only £3.74. For such a low price why not pick up this co-op survival horror?


I’m kinda running out of different ways to describe zombie games…this game’s title will help. All Zombies Must Die, a simple name for a simple concept, and right now only £2.79.