Spicy Horse’s New Facebook Page is Asking for Input for Alice: Otherlands/Alice 3 [Confirmed]

As we at VGU have mentioned before, American McGee has been trying to get Alice 3 (or Alice: Otherlands) off the ground fairly recently. Fans of the series were very supportive in this action and their combined enthusiasm and interest may have just paid off!

A Facebook Page simply entitled “Alice: Otherlands” has appeared on Facebook with a simple question posed on it:

“So, to the 6 of you following so far, what say you to a Kickstarter in say… July of this year to fund the third Alice game? Thoughts?”

Needless to say, the fans reactions have so far been nothing but positive but the page itself is very lacking in actual detail. With the increasing amount of fake accounts being made in game compaines names VGU reached out to Spicy Horse to see what was going on!

[UPDATED] The page, as we were told, belongs to American McGee and is not a fake account.

If you are an Alice fan then get over to the Facebook and give it a “LIKE” and make sure you keep you eye on it, hopefully great things soon!

What do you think of this news? Are you a fan of the Alice series? What do you think of the name Alice: Otherlands? Let us know in the comments below!