The Ants are Setting up a New Hill on your Android Device

Anthill is a gorgeous strategy game with an award-winning interface, based on the real-world behavior of ants. By drawing pheromone trails, you direct your ground forces to different destinations, working with streams of units rather than individuals.

Similar to a Tower Defence game, your mission is to protect the hill as wave upon wave of enemy bugs are thrown at you.

Eat what you kill!
Slay a bug with your soldiers, then direct your workers to bring back the carcass for dinner! Yum!

Surgical strikes
Direct bomber ants to perform air raids through hordes of bugs. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Buy permanent upgrades for your troops! Turn your bombers into carpet bombers, inspire courage in your workers, and make your soldiers more brutal. Boo-ya!

Here is what was is being said about the iOS version:

“This game is easy to pick up and grow addicted too. You will lose sleep, your job, and your significant other”.
iTunes App Store, 5/5

“We haven’t been so enthusiastic about warrior ants since Disney’s mega-hit!”
App Champ, 5.5/6

“Mobile Game of the Year!”
Chris Jonasson at

“…there’s plenty to recommend, especially if you fancy some strategy on the go.”, 9/10

“… it’s impressive how addictive this game can become.”, 8/10

“A must-have.”, 4/4

So what do you think of Anthill? Are you ready to command your own ant colony? Be sure to let us know your thoughts on this great Android game in the comments below.