Greenman Gaming Deal Alert Spotlight 15/04


Here’s a couple of game codes that will drop the price of some games from Greenman gaming. Check out below and hurry, the offers end at 17:00 today!


Defiance amazed everyone by becoming a best seller before being released on Steam and now you can get it with the code above for 30% off. The code drops the game price to only £24.50 so is will worth using!

company of heroes-2


The code above gets you Company of Heroes 2 on pre order for £30.00. It’s well worth using as pre-ordering the game will get you access to the game’s beta so don’t miss this opportunity.


The code above is going to be hit and miss. It is said to be for “hundreds of digital PC titles” but it can be region specific on the games and some games won’t accept it. It’s worth noting that some titles will be excluded from vouchers, vouchers cannot be used in conjunction and vouchers also don’t work on bundles, but see what you can get! If you get any great games with the code let everyone know in the comments below!