Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay Leaked

The supposed video of The Elder Scrolls Online consists of around 20 minutes of gameplay and shows how the character creation. The game looks very unpolished so if this turns out to be real I would hope that it would at least be a Alpha or even a pre-alpha build!

The gameplay as well doesn’t seem to be that interesting, the games UI is very basic and the actual gameplay is actually rather dull which is a shame. The animations as well seem very basic and have trouble blending together while in combat which gives the game a very wooden and over exaggerated look. The game doesn’t even look all that nice which is a shame. However the voice acting sounds great and the ambient music and Sound effects within the game are good quality and are very pleasant to listen to!

[UPDATE] According to sources, this footage could be real as it is The Elder Scrolls Closed Beta this weekend!

But what do you think? Is this footage real? Do you like the gameplay? What are you looking forward to being in the world of The Elder Scrolls Online regardless? Let us know in the comments below!