Ever wanted to propose marriage using Kickstarter?

Some people do it over a nice romantic meal. Others may whisk you away to a romantic location and then get down on one knee. Now there’s a totally unique way to propose to your loved one – via a Kickstarter campaign.

Yes you heard correctly. One app developer is offering you the chance to propose to your loved one via a special message from an in-game character. Space Wolves II developer Griffilm have designed a pledge tier where your loved one will receive a message from lead character Captain Royston Starkey, who will get down on one animated knee.

“We thought this could be the first proposal of it’s kind” said Hywel Griffith, head of development. “This is a one pledge, one chance only opportunity and we would love to be the ones who get one lucky couple to tie the knot”. That’s certainly one way of making your betrothed feel special!

The guys at Griffilms have pointed out that, while they cannot 100% guarantee a “yes” from your loved one, they will try their best to make it happen.

Space Wolves II, the sequel to the original title, will be available on IOS. The original Space Wolves combined fun cartoon graphics with addictive puzzle gameplay, and the sequel is set to continue this. It’s all set to introduce more puzzles, more backdrops and much more comedy as Royston is sent on his second mission. You can check out the Space Wolves II Kickstarter page for more information, including more details on the pledge tiers.

Space Wolves II is hopefully due out later this year and has a modest amount they are asking for. If you like what you see here head over to the Space Wolves II Kickstarter page to pledge. Every backer counts!

This is one way to make your engagement a memorable occasion. Sound like something you might be interested in, or something for someone you know? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment.