New Witcher 3 Screens Show Off Songs, Fire And Ice


REDengine 3, used to make The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, looks capable to make stunning graphics possible for CD Projekt RED. No wonder the game has to be next gen, let alone how insane the specs will be for the PC release. With CD Projekt RED’s history of high spec requirements be thankful we have until 2014 to beef up our rigs. How anything but space-age technology will be able to play this on top settings is beyond thought.

Until then here are four new amazing screenshots that show off pubs, frozen ships and heavy trolling:

1365874707-witcher-3-skellige 1365874709-witcher-3-ice-giant

1365874710-witcher-3-docks 1365874710-witcher-3-ice-giant-lair


What do you think? Plan on beefing up your rig or shelling out for a Playstation 4? Tell us below in the comments.