Forza Horizon Free Expansion Out April 16th

Forza Horizon’s 1000 Club car pack will be gracing the Xbox 360 Tuesday, April 16th. What is in it though? It’s free so it can’t be that much right?

Well firstly, the pack will come with two new cars, the Ford F100 1956 and the RUF CTR2 1995. These wonderful machines can be seen in these screens:

1365880301-forza-horizon-1000-club-expansion-pack-2 1365880302-forza-horizon-1000-club-expansion-pack-1

1365880304-forza-horizon-1000-club-expansion-pack-4 1365880305-forza-horizon-1000-club-expansion-pack-3


Secondly, the game will be padded out with 1000 new challenges and 10 new achievements. Adding another 250 Gamerscore points to earn you can be sure these 1000 challenges will take a good long while to work though.

Play Forza Horizon? Will this drag you back in? Are you dedicated enough to get that extra 250 Gamerscore? Tell us below in the comments.